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Jags is highly energetic and overflowing with ideas. As creative lead, he can be relied on to produce well-planned concepts from an initial set of requirements. He is a professional and very pleasant to work with. He is also a strong leader and mentor to his team.

Christine Rom
Executive Director, Playtech Phil
More than his professionalism, what is remarkable about Brother Jagat is his dedication to selfless service.
Putting utmost importance on accomplishing the higher goal and keeping in mind the collective good, he offered to put up and maintain the Amurt Philippines website with no guarantee of payment. Today, the website is credited with reaching a wide array of donors who sustain Amurts’ mission of providing emergency relief to victims of calamities.
Fidencio G. Tani, Jr.
Administrator, Amurt Philippines Inc.
I’ve worked with Jagat on a number of projects and with each one, he brings his full attention and creative talent to bear. He is patient with me as his co-creator and always willing to help me clarify my wants and wild imaginations by putting them into concrete studies so I can “taste-test” them. His design style is fun, cool and creative. He is always open to feedback, never gets defensive, and works with it till we both feel it is “just right”. That’s because when he takes the project on, he shares the vision of what is wanting to be created and serves the creative work and its larger purpose. A real co-creator.
Teresa Dosdos Ruelas
Founder & Visionary Editor
I See the Philippines


Co-Founder & Co-Convener
MISSION & Liwanag World Festival 2015

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